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Paradise is Where... Ep 49 Part 1
Episode 49: Botan: A Sacrifice
"This is such CRAP!" Ronene shouted at the projector in the middle of his classroom.
Tehaha and Yobibi had been thinking the same from the back of the classroom as they watched the invasion of Pekopon, but they'd kept themselves quiet. Tehaha by looking longingly at his binder of stickers and trading cards dedicated to the Keroro platoon, Yobibi by covertly putting on a pair of headphones and sinking down lower in his desk chair.
The teacher immediately shot his head up from the screen he'd been excitedly staring at, and stared at Ronene with the cold, long glare he'd shot Ronene so many times before, "If you'd take a seat and quit making a disruption. What you're seeing is history in the making!"
"What we're seeing is bullshit!" Ronene snapped in return, not bothering to even sit down from the desk chair he'd climbed on top of. The air seemed to be suddenly sucked out of the classroom, as all eyes fell upon him, "What?! So they took a little long with th
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Paradise is Where... Ep 48 Part 2
“Ugh… I can’t lift it….” Kirere tried desperately to get traction as she tugged on the tarp with the engine that Keroro, Kururu, Dororo, and Mois had pilfered from the abandoned car in the alleyway. She braced herself against a wall, gulped, and then gave it a second try, but to no avail—The machine didn’t move an inch from its spot in front of the old car.
Keroro rubbed his aching back and stretched, doing his best to ignore the pop he heard along with it that had come from repeated attempts at moving the engine, “Kirere-dono, I don’t think….”
“T-This has to work. We have to move it, right?” asked Kirere. “That’s how we’ll get our ship!”
“R-Right, gero!” Keroro exclaimed, gripping on to a piece of the tarp once more. The others joined in as well, but there was still no movement of the engine. They’d managed to get as far as Dororo slicing off the front of the car so
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Paradise is Where... Ep 48 Part 1
Episode 48 – Hachichi & Lem: A Past and a Future
“I always saw myself dying with you… But it wasn’t like this…. Usually it was in some battle. But I guess this is a good reflection on my life. I try for greatness and I end up in a gerbil cage,” Rokiki admitted from his side of the cell he’d been placed in with Romama, his arms crossed over his chest and one of his legs jiggling up and down.
Romama was still pacing about; he hadn’t stopped. He’d occasionally give a growl and a kick or a punch to the metal wall, and Rokiki would only shake his head and give a disgusted roll of the eyes.
“What? So you’re not even going to try to get us out of here?” Romama snapped, spinning around to face his former platoonmate. "You're just going to sit there?"
There was a whistling, followed by the pattering of feet, and Rokiki’s eyes silently followed Mogaga as he passed by them, not even bothering to glance at the prisoners.
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Paradise is Where... Ep 47 Part 2
Chunini sat alone in the silent monolith of a condo. Lee was gone from her for the first time since she’d been arrested and kept on Keron for those few days. On the table were her ribbons; putting up her hair seemed like her last priority, not that she could do it. Her crest had now totally stopped working, as many times as she’d pressed it. No one was there to take her phone calls… So she was left waiting in the gray-tinted apartment. Alone. With the worst company she could imagine.
She clutched onto the plush rabbit, one Lee had one for Jin-ae at a small carnival they’d visited together… A carnival so similar to the once Chunini had once met another young girl at.
“How am I going to tell them?” she realized, the rush of memory of Jin-ae’s birth parents running back to her. The words they’d used that she’d never thought she’d hear in the relation to herself—responsible, selfless, warm… Kind.
She clutched the
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Brushfire by jlucydaisuke Brushfire :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 0 0 From Up in the Sky by jlucydaisuke From Up in the Sky :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 1 0 Florida Hotel by jlucydaisuke Florida Hotel :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 1 0 Autumn Leaves by jlucydaisuke Autumn Leaves :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 2 1 Ice Cream by jlucydaisuke Ice Cream :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 1 0 Lupin Gang 2014 by jlucydaisuke Lupin Gang 2014 :iconjlucydaisuke:jlucydaisuke 1 2
Paradise is Where... Ep 47 Part 1
Presented without commentary... Mainly because I think I'm coming down with a bit of something and anything beyond editing is a bit beyond me right now, haha.
Episode 47
The Grant Initiative: A Closed Meeting
Part 1
Jin-ae removed her head from the fluffy silk pillow and stretched. The alarm set on her phone had vibrated, shaking the expensive pillow, and rousing her to her work. It was time to make good on her promise.
As she dressed, she tried not to look at the photos tacked up to the mirror in her room. All ones of her, Chunini, and Lee. Photos of large parties and small get-togethers. When they’d taken her to the zoo, or gone to that theme park…
All Jin-ae had had to do was mention to Chunini how she’d love to one sometime, and the singer dropped everything for her and had Lee arrange a flight for later that day. Even after returning from a tour the other day, she’d still done this for Jin-ae.
There were such large things… And such small things. Suc
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Paradise is Where... Ep 46 Part 2
I do believe we’re in the middle of a story arc. Don’t you think so? :P I’d say how many chapters we have left, but… Maybe do that later. For now, please enjoy, as always. Things are finally starting to come together, even if they might not look it right away.
Episode 46
Romama Platoon:  A Day in the Life
Part 2
Botan gave him a dull look and a shake of the head, while head circled around her as best he could inside the shadowed alley, “I guess you’re here to ruin this all for me again. How many times is it now we’ve gone and done this? I’ve made something better and you’ve come and decided it’s against a set of rules that you govern.”
“The number of times is irrelevant.”
“You? Thinking time doesn’t matter? That’s certainly new for you. That number’s incredibly relevant, given that it weakens you each and every time you do it. This is number seven-hundred. Seven-hundred times on
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Paradise is Where... Ep 46 Part 1
In my defense, more than half of this has been written since August or so, but I’m just able to fit it in and have it make sense, now :P So don’t worry, I’m not writing THAT insanely fast. Why, that’d almost make me seem productive if I was, wouldn’t it?!
Episode 46
Romama Platoon:  A Day in the Life
Part 1
“Did you pay the bills?” Fujuju’s head snapped up from his book, and his eyes widened. Rokiki’s head hit against the table he was repairing, and he glared as he stood up high enough to make eye contact with Fujuju from across the table.
“No, I wanted them to shut down everything before you got home,” Rokiki snapped.
“…Fine, then. Just checking before my parents come over for dinner, is all,” Fujuju removed his glasses and sighed, shutting the book in front of him.
“Hey… You have a cold?”
“Not that I’m aware of… Why do you ask?”
“Your voice sound
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Paradise is Where... Ep 45 Part 2
Well, writing an entire story with only one line of dialog was, without a hesitation, exhausting. But I had fun doing it, I have to admit. Now let’s be on to the next chapter, shall we?
Ah, something special about this Chinono Platoon. A fun fact, if you will. All of these are actually adoptable Keronians I went out and found at random a few months ago. I’d never really seen that done, so it at least seemed like a fun challenge. ;) So, yeah, you’ll find a folder with them on my DA gallery, in my favorites. Go ahead and take a look, if you want!
Episode: 45
Keroro Platoon: Operation Quiet Day
Part 2
“Let them speak,” the one in the front stepped forward, past the other three, all female, Rokiki and Romama assumed. The brown one, the lone male, sighed and turned a few knobs.
Rokiki opened his mouth, and started to scream out exactly what he thought of the entire affair, only to have the tone come out much higher than he’d expected.
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Paradise is Where... Ep 45 Part 1
What else can I say? Welcome back, Sergeant. <3 (that and I’m having severe tooth pain right now… Long story short, I paid for my cat’s surgery a few months ago instead of getting a crown, and while I don’t regret it, I’m certainly paying for it now. So please, mercy for any typos).
Episode 45
Keroro Platoon: Operation Quiet Day
Part 1
Not even a squeak came out. Keroro clutched his throat and his eyes widened as he made another attempt. Nothing. He bolted from his bed, and began to jump up and down in a vain attempt to force some words out. Still, nothing came out. Not a curse, not a squeak, not a sneeze—Not a single “gero”.
Everyone in the Hinata house was waking up to a similar finding, in that they could not find the words  to tell each other that they couldn’t find the words.
Noises didn't even work. Giroro found this out as Kirere bounded towards him, tripping over a water bucket in the process and falling on the grou
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Paradise is Where... Ep 44 Part 1
Oh, Lord! Finally!! O___O
Episode 44
Rokiki and Horokohoro: A Final Showdown
Part II
“Really? A historical reenactment? Here?” was overheard in the audience as the two Keronians faced off at each other, glaring.
“I personally find it distasteful…” Mora heard as she floated up closer to the ring. “Using Sankaku culture like that…”
“What, are they gangsters with those tattoos?” was amongst the other phrases she overheard that made her feel tempted to get into a brawl, herself.
“You know they call that the Santa Claus machine?” Klaus whispered to Kodada as Rokiki’s blade appeared in his hand, seemingly from nowhere.
“Actually you’d need material for it to count as that. That’s hammerspace, when it comes for nothing,” she replied, not taking her eyes off of the duo as Rokiki gripped onto the sword.
“O-Oh, right…” so much for making an impression, he shuddered.
She smil
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Mainly Keroro stuff right now, because that's the kick I'm on, but you'll find all sorts of things here, including my Lupin fanart and original work as well!

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Episode 49: Botan: A Sacrifice

"Keron. Wonderful. I'm guessing this the point you abandon me here?" Lem scoffed as he glanced up at the all too-familiar blue sky and the peculiarly-shaped clouds. Their light, floating presence only made him feel heavy when he watched them move across the blue so very freely. He'd grown to both envy and hate them over the years.

"You really don't trust me at all, do you?"

"I don't trust anyone," Lem muttered, kicking aside a pebble on the ground.

They were on a paved path that he was unfamiliar with. He squinted his eyes to look at the domed buildings ahead, but found that he recognized none of them-They all looked like newer constructions.

They yards in front of them were beautiful though. He knew that much. The air smelled fresher, and the grass was some of the greenest that he'd ever seen on his home planet.
The Sankaku family passed in front of them without a half a moment's thought as they continued down the path, chatting to one another in their native language.
And then Lem took a step back as he realized what he was seeing—A Sankaku family out in the open. A father, what looked like three mothers, and over a dozen bouncing children, all carrying groceries.

"…What in the…?"

"…I've changed more than a little bit…." Botan replied as she continued to walk by Lem's side slowly.

"What is this…?"

"It's a place for you to be happy. I created it for you, tailored to the versions of the world you made yourself….. I didn't like what you did, but I paid attention to it enough to replicate what I could."

"…What else is different?"

"Your home is here." Botan gave a nod towards a tall house, which was a dome with a tower springing up through the center of it, and out of the tower there looked to be an observation deck, complete with a telescope pointed at the sky.

Lem stopped at the edge of it, taking it all in. The yard seemed maintained, and there was even a garden out in the back full of vegetables that looked ready to harvest.

He craned his neck around to look at the garden, and then looked back up to Botan, "The Sankaku…"

"What happened to them still took place… Even with all of my power, there was only so much I could do. But then one Sankaku stood up amongst them and protected them when he was old enough to. He fought for them, and then came back to Keron after seeking them out…. They've been doing fairly well for themselves, too."

"….This is if the mission didn't happen, but he still went to Pekopon…"

"He rounded up a small team to help him with it. They successfully made the trip to Pekopon and back to convince the Sankaku to return. He was hailed as a hero. They all were. Enough so that plans for an invasion were halted. The Keron government became much too involved in making up for how it treated the Sankaku to even think about invading different planets. This resulted in a different government."

"I'm sure no better…."

"I wouldn't be so certain."

Lem jumped at the sound of a door opening, and there he was—Short, red, in his traditional outfit. He was almost the same… Except with a few additional tattoos placed on either of his arms.

"Where the hell were you?" Lem was startled not by the gruffness in Rokiki's voice, but the gentle tone of it. Slung over one of Rokiki's shoulders was a bag, and in his hand an additional, smaller bag-With a child's toy sticking out of it?

"Urm… I-I—" Lem couldn't even give his answer before he heard a set of screams from inside the house.

He looked over Rokiki's shoulder, and quietly he began to reach for his Keron ball when he watched a trio of children bound out.

"Hey! Watch it, you're going to break something!" Rokiki shouted out to the three, but it didn't seem to make them pause for a moment. The three continued to tumble their way down to the edge of the yard, landing at Lem's feet.

"Not every scientist child had a home to go to when they were disbanded," Botan explained. "Once the return to Keron was made, you took it upon yourself with Rokiki to make sure some of the youngest ones had a proper home."

"…The scientists are gone?..." Lem whispered to Botan.

"For two years now. Now are you going to help me or just stand there like an idiot?" Rokiki grunted as he bent down and lifted up the smallest one, a dark orange one bearing Rokiki's symbol on his chest and hat.

Lem shook his himself to attention and grabbed one himself, a cerulean-colored on bearing his own symbol.

And the oldest one, a light pink one, grinned, showing off a few missing teeth in the process. They also had Fujuju's symbol on their stomach and crest, but a triangular tattoo on their forehead marking them as Sankaku.

"Are we going to your parents' or not?" Rokiki grunted as he adjusted the tiny child on his back.

"My parents?"

"Yeah… You know, the old guy, the lady who looks like you, that annoying kid sibling of yours?"

"S-Sure! It's okay if my friend comes?" Lem stepped to the side and held out his free hand to Botan, and Rokiki stared at where she stood, only to have his eyes slowly trail back to Lem.

"…Yeah, you can take your air."


"He can't see me. None of them can."

"Why not?" Lem spun around to Botan, and Rokiki began to feel a familiar ache in his head.

"…Are you having a bad day again? We can always do this another time."

"N-No!" Lem returned. "I'm fine! I… I want to see my parents, please."

"Okay, come on… Maybe we can get some bread from your aunt and uncle's bakery along the way if you're all good," said Rokiki to the trio of now-excited children.

"We want cookies!" called out the pink one who took his hand.

"And pastries!" added the one Lem carried.

"Tch. I don't see what you all see in that sweet stuff…" Rokiki gave a plain glance to Lem. "You need to learn how to make this stuff already so we can stop donating to Mahihi's kids' fund."

"I… I think I can do that," Lem nodded, and adjusted the young child on his shoulders as he began his walk with his family down the road.

His parents' home wasn't that far from his own, just down a winding path of houses. His father was nowhere to be seen, but his mother was in the garden tending to it. Lem was in awe of her. She looked so… At peace.

She looked up from the bush of bright red flowers she'd been trimming, and beamed a larger smile than he could even remember her ever having. "…I knew you'd make it here."


"…This family's so weird…" Rokiki sighed with a shake of the head as he let his one child in his grasp go. "Go terrorize your grandfather, okay?"

"On it!" called out the pink Keronian, who scooped up the pink on his arms and began to rush into the house.

"Down, please!" demanded the blue child Lem was holding, and Lem obliged, leading down so that they could join their siblings inside the house.

Rokiki and Lem both shuddered at the sound of a crash, and Rokiki began to rub his forehead. "I don't know what it is, but we'll pay for it."

"Just stuff!" Fijiji waved this off with a laugh, and wiped her soil-covered gloves on the red apron she'd been wearing. "You all look so good! I feel like… Like I haven't seen you in forever."

"…Same…" replied Lem quietly, and he cleared his throat and stared at his feet. It was all he could think to do.

"Rohokohiki, can you be a dear and help my husband?" Fijiji clasped her hands together in a mock form of begging, and Rokiki drew out a fond, sharp-toothed smile.

"Sure. What can't he lift now?"

"It's a couch in his study. He's trying to make a simple machine to move it, but… He's already wrecked an old monitor trying to make one, hehe."

"I'll make sure he doesn't kill himself," Rokiki reassured her, and he began to stretch on his way into the house.

"Now—You two have some explaining to do," she giggled.

"Y-You can see her too?!" Lem gasped.

"Your mother's a pretty smart one," Fijiji said with a giggle, reaching forward to gently Lem on the area of his nose. "I'm so glad you finally game around… I was so worried for you."

"You… You knew….?"

"Like I said. Pretty smart." Fijiji winked and giggled. "Now are you going to come inside?"

"I… Certainly." Lem's expression softened, and he followed his mother into the house, where his three children were playing along with his young sibling, his father amid all of the chaos, happily showing off simple scientific discoveries to the children with all the gusto of a grand magician.

As the hours passed, Lem would occasionally steal a glance outside—And she was still there, standing with her staff in hand.

"I'm going to step outside for a moment. I've got to get some fresh air," he finally told Rokiki as Rokiki busied himself in the kitchen. It was his forth project in the house since they'd gotten there—At his own doing. As much as Oriri and Fijiji protested, in insisted upon fixing up the house for his in-laws.

"Eh?" Rokiki glanced up from the pipe he was tightening beneath the sink and set aside his wrench. "You okay?"

"Yes, I… Just didn't sleep well last night, is all."

"I tell you to quit staying up so late to read whatever the hell it is you read…"

"You know I can't help that…." Lem exchanged a small, fond smile with Rokiki and wandered out of the house through the back door, passing through the ornate garden as he did so. From what he'd gathered, he'd helped his father design it, pick out plants for it, and map it out.

Behind the house was a hill—Not too small so that it was unnoticeable, but not so large that he couldn't climb it easily to get a look at the world around him.
His world. It was his peaceful world.

Botan was already seated atop the hill, her staff at her side in the tall grass. She'd brought her knees up to her chin and calmly looked out at the sky in front of them, which had transformed from blue gradually to a pinkish purple, and had currently settled upon orange as the night started to creep over them.

Lem took in a single, long breath and let himself gently fall back on the grass. He didn't even need to open his eyes to take a few blades in-between his fingers, just to feel them. How many times had he even been allowed to touch grass when it wasn't for an experiment, or when it wasn't through a pair of heavy leather gloves? How often had he been allowed to breath in air without a mask, and how many sunsets had he seen that weren't through the lenses of the same mask?

"How is this world? Is it to your liking?"

"…It's even better…" he couldn't help but admit.

"I'm glad."

Lem raised himself up on his elbows to get a better look at the woman beside him, "Why didn't you just do this before? Why fight me all of this time?"

"Because it took less energy to fight you."

"…What are you saying?" Lem eyed her cautiously. He wasn't a dense Keronian—He'd known the risks and familiarized himself with Time Benders enough to know.

"To mend a universe is one thing. It's like putting a bandage on someone at best, performing surgery at the most stressful. But to create an entirely new world is to give up a part of yourself. Like a lung or a kidney. That's when it's done in a group. To do it on your own is to give up your being."

"N-No. You're not saying..."

Botan slowly shut her eyes, and he watched the most peaceful of smiles come across her face, "…It's been such a wonderful life. I've had so much of it, but I wouldn't have minded just a bit more of it. It was just starting to get interesting, I thought."

"Y-Your children! A-And your husband… He…."

"He's a strong man. He'll prevail."

"No he won't! N-No I won't! How can…. How can you just do something like that?!"

"…Now you knew this was a possibility."

"Not one that I thought you'd actually take!"

"It's just the sort of thing you do when you love someone. Love your family, Lem. And know that you're loved. You've been loved thousands of times across thousands of universes. Know that I loved you in all of them."

"D-Don't do this…"

"This life is my gift to you. Make it a good one."

Lem's chest tightened as he watched her slowly lay back, as if she were taking a nap on the hill beside him. She was covered by a thin veil of her silver hair, and this partially concealed her calm face.

It all took a moment for Lem to process. And once he was able to focus on her—The Mobian who looked like she was sleeping, he rushed for his Kero ball. He then sat beside her, cursed, and wiped his eyes all while pressing every button on it in every combination he could think of.

"Come on… Come on, I know that you're getting signals that I'm using a Time Bender gem… Come on!" Lem whispered shakily as he continued to pound on the buttons.

He'd never been more glad to hear the familiar sound of electricity behind him as when he heard the portal open up behind him, and the previously annoyed Hachichi, who was rolling up the sleeves of his doctor's coat in preparations for round two of their fight, was nearly knocked off his feet as Lem immediately grabbed him by his hands and led him over to where Botan was laying.

"What'd you do?" Hachichi asked, his voice quickening as he felt no pulse against her wrist or her neck. "What in the hell did you do?!"

"She… She made… I didn't…." Lem sputtered, all the while shaking his head as he watched Hachichi roll her on to her back and then begin to press on her chest.

Lem could hear the compressions, could hear Hachichi counting to himself as he pressed down and then attempted to breathe life into her, and watched as she didn't stir at all.
This went on until both of the men became aware of a glow—More of a soft halo around her body at first, and then it began to shine brighter in its brilliance.

"W-What's going on? What's happening?" Lem asked as he stood and scooted back. Hachichi did the same, all while shaking his head. As much as he'd read up on Time Benders... He'd never seen anything remotely close to this.

"I-I dunno. Time Benders were gone so long I never studied them… I have no clue what this is…" Hachichi admitted.

Slowly, Botan rose from the grassy hill. She appeared to still be sleeping peacefully, and floated as though she were completely weightless, floating underwater, or spinning slightly in space.

Her head slowly rolled back, and the light continued to grow.

It was bright enough that the rest of the Keron town, below the hill, started to murmur to themselves while wondering what the bright light from atop the hill was.

Mahihi and Lupapa watched it from outside their bakery, Lupapa with their youngest child in her arms. Lupapa's siblings, who had been helping out around the bakery, all either stopped their work or stopped watching their nieces and nephews to go and gather around the windows to watch the star-like apparition.

Kodada had been helping her mother in the capital building while she unpacked her new office. The transition from mayor to governor of the surrounding prefecture had involved a lot of moving boxes of paperwork.

Chunini had been hosting one of her awkward dinners where both her father and Eriri were in attendance. He still referred to Eriri as Chunini's "roommate," but had gotten better about acknowledging her when she was in the room with him.

And Romama, who was in his sixth month since his retirement from the military (per their suggestion, following a ban on child soldiers in the future), stopped tending the small garden he'd been working on to watch the flickering light in the distance.

None of the Romama Platoon knew what the light was, or why it left them feeling so sad.
Chunini, as she watched from outside of her house, curiously examined the tears that she hadn't even felt well up in her eyes.

"Heh. I guess…. I'm getting emotional in my old age!" she admitted with a quiet chuckle.
Lem and Hachichi watched in silence as the light grew and, just as quickly—Shrunk. It bolted upward, like a shooting star, until it the two watched it settle there in the night sky.

"…They said that the Time Benders all were gone but still watching us…. I guess I kind of know what they mean now…." Hachichi muttered as he stepped closer to Lem, and eventually, gingerly, placed an arm around Lem's shoulders.

"Fujuju? What the hell's going on?" Lem jolted at the panicked voice of Rokiki running towards him, and Hachichi gave a yelp and reached down to pick up the only trace of Botan that remained—Her staff.

"Guess I've gotta go. I'd like to say this has been fun, but… You've been a total pain in my ass. No more messing with time, all right?" Hachichi whispered hurriedly.

"H-Here…" Lem reached behind his back, and pulled out the Kero ball he'd kept with him. "….To… Let you know that I'm sincere. I have a place and…. I can't let someone's sacrifice go to waste."

"Good. Stay out of my timeline now, okay? And… Take care of yourself," Hachichi gave as small and polite a smile as he could muster, but it was barely one at all. Lem nodded as he held back the tears overwhelming him.

"Your parents did a wonderful job with you."

"Hehe, thanks. Now to go back to the present. Well, past for me. Well… You get it…" Hachichi adjusted the multitude of items in his hands, and what he had in terms of free hands he pressed the top of his own Keron ball.

And Lem was alone in his world. Or so he thought.

He wasn't alone at all. Rokiki, rushing up to the top of the hill and a winded mess by the time he made it, reminded him that he wasn't alone at all. Not anymore.

Rokiki hadn't quite caught his breath when Lem wrapped him in a tight embrace.

"H-Hey, what's going on? What was that light? Why… Why are you crying? Did something happen?" Rokiki asked after he was able to pull himself away enough to get a good look at the sobbing Lem. "Hey… Hey… What, did you have one of those flashbacks to the scientists again? Dammit… They can't get you now, you know that, right?"

"I… I know…. I know… I'm just… So happy to be here…." Lem answered as he leaned against Rokiki atop the hill.

Lem took in the warmth from the embrace, and while he was there, in the night of a quiet and peaceful world, he swore that he could also feel the warmth from a distant star looking down on both of them.


Hachichi gave a small huff when he'd returned to the time he'd been dragged from after getting the emergency signal from Lem, and noted the same star was looking down at him from the same spot in the universe he'd left.

Hachichi narrowed his eyes and watched it glisten and—Move a bit?

"….Please that be a good sign…." he begged himself quietly, and remembered suddenly that he wasn't alone on the rooftop.

Fuyuki grew pale at the sight of Botan's staff without Botan holding it, and gulped dryly.
Hachichi lowered his head and shuffled over to Fuyuki, having placed either of the Kero balls in his coat. "T-Time Bender-san…."

"…She did her job to the end. Lem's not going to be bothering us anymore... How's the fight looking here…?"

"I… I can't really tell…" Fuyuki jumped at the sound of another explosion, and Hachichi himself flinched.

"I'm choosing to take that as a good sign, too… Heh, well, my battle here's done at least."

"You… You aren't going to help them?" Fuyuki asked in confusion and a bit of panic.

"I don't want to mess up time any. I'm not really any good at fixing it… Just chasing after people who mess it up. Plus I know all about these guys! They were my favorite bedtime stories when I was growing up. They should be okay."


"I better get back already…. Say hi to my mom and my dad for me, all right?" Hachichi gave a playful wink, and Fuyuki snapped his head over to the black Keronian with the bright blue eyes.

"I-If I meet them, I will."

"Meet them? You know them! I look just like them. Just like I know your wife."

"M-My what?!" Fuyuki choked, and Hachichi pressed a button on his Keron ball, and was gone.

A black Keronian…. With playful blue eyes.

Fuyuki gasped as he recognized these features on two Keronians—There was just no way…
His eyes slowly traveled down to the roof of the building as he processed all of this, and he found Botan's staff there.

He could see his own reflection looking back at him in the now-dull purple gem, and he reached over and brought the staff over to himself, more for comfort than anything. He gripped it tightly with his hands, not sure what to do with it other than to hold on to it for Fujuju—And to keep squeezing onto it tightly as he watched the fighting the distance.

"Gunso… Please let everyone else be okay…." Fuyuki whispered to himself.
Episode 49: Botan: A Sacrifice

"This is such CRAP!" Ronene shouted at the projector in the middle of his classroom.

Tehaha and Yobibi had been thinking the same from the back of the classroom as they watched the invasion of Pekopon, but they'd kept themselves quiet. Tehaha by looking longingly at his binder of stickers and trading cards dedicated to the Keroro platoon, Yobibi by covertly putting on a pair of headphones and sinking down lower in his desk chair.

The teacher immediately shot his head up from the screen he'd been excitedly staring at, and stared at Ronene with the cold, long glare he'd shot Ronene so many times before, "If you'd take a seat and quit making a disruption. What you're seeing is history in the making!"

"What we're seeing is bullshit!" Ronene snapped in return, not bothering to even sit down from the desk chair he'd climbed on top of. The air seemed to be suddenly sucked out of the classroom, as all eyes fell upon him, "What?! So they took a little long with their invasion, so we're sending in someone new and treating them like crap all of a sudden?! Like... Like they're criminals?!"

"Ronene, you're making a scene…" whispered Tehaha from the corner of his mouth, and Ronene whipped his head to the side to glare at Tehaha.

"Oh, what, you're just a fan until stuff gets tough?! One of them's also our friend! Or are you that fair-weather?!"

"That's it—Principal's office, now!" snapped the teacher as he started to stalk down the aisles of students, stomping a warpath for Ronene along the way.

The teacher vanished right before reaching Ronene, and Ronene glanced down to see that the teacher had fallen to the floor—Thanks to a conveniently-placed leg that Yobibi had shot out from underneath his desk without even looking away from the screen.

The teacher rose with a series of grunts and growls, balancing on the back of two students' chairs for support, and he was about to reach out for Ronene once more—Only to have an explosion from the live feed make him completely forget his mission at hand.

"Woah…" Yobibi slowly raised his head from his desk, and his eyes went wide at the sight in front of them.

The group watched on the screen as a small figure zoomed away from the scene of the explosion—A small, pink figure on a hoverboard. Behind her was a red Keronian in a hoverboard, gun drawn and shooting at the lasers from the ship that fired back at them.

It was Tehaha's turn to rise from his desk. "T-They're going for the power cells of the ship! Someone must've deactivated the security from the from the inside!"

"All RIGHT! Go Shrimpy!" Ronene cheered, pumping his fists into the air.

"Office! Now!" growled the principal, but before he could reach out to grab Ronene, Yobibi had yanked Ronene off of his desk, grabbed Tehaha by the hand, and was leading the duo out of the classroom.

"We'll finish watching it from Tehaha's grandma's place!" Yobibi explained as he rushed out of the classroom with the pair, Ronene under one of his arms and Tehaha's wrist in a firm grip. If they hadn't been in a panic, they would have heard the sound of cheers and laughter erupting from the students still inside the room.

"I'm so dead with my dad…" Ronene said to himself with a moan as he covered his face with his hands.

"It's okay, you'll just live in the club house for a little bit!" Yobibi reassured him.

In the dusty alien settlement of Roswell, meanwhile, Porara struck the TV a few times with his fist, but to no avail. The feed from the small box in his sheriff's station was blurry at best.

He'd wheeled the TV over on a small cart usually reserved for coffee service so the few people in the jail cells could also see what was going on. His deputies were all out and helping the understandably concerned residents of the Alien City under Roswell—All save for Deputy Panyo. Per usual, she was at his side, gently resting a hand on the wooden desk chair he was on the edge of.

"Sheriff, are you all right, panyo?"

"…I… I'm just not used to being on the side of a criminal…" Porara muttered in awe of the sight before him and the situation he faced.

He could see her in the distance—Mois. It'd been so long. So long he'd all but come to terms that he'd never be more than a friend, at best. Not easily, either. A lot of it had involved throwing himself in work as he slowly realized that there was a reason that she didn't visit nearly as much as he thought she might have when he moved to Pekopon to… Get a new start. To possibly be closer to her, too. And even if he couldn't be closer to her... He'd still found a life and a career in Pekopon.

"I was so stupid and awkward…" he said to himself with a sigh, his shoulders falling slowly from his spot in front of the TV.


"They're the reason I came to this rock, Deputy…." Porara explained as he sat back in his chair. He was leaning a bit against her, but either didn't realize it or didn't care. He was still nervous around women, but… This was his deputy. She was different. "This may come as a shock to you, but… I had feelings for one of them."

"Can this planet blow up already so we don't have to hear him talk about his feelings again?" grumbled one of the prisoners.

"Hey, he hasn't broken out the poetry yet at least," replied another. "...Again."

Panyo tilted her head to the side, and feigned her best surprised gasp, "You, panyo? You don't say!"

"Mm. But… I understand it wasn't meant to be. All the same… It gave me the push I needed to be the success I am today," Porara continued. "….I have to cheer for them based on that principal alone. They helped make me a better person."

And he saw the image of his former Angol crush in the distance from the ship, and his tipped his brown hat a little further over his eyes, "Just… Be safe, Mois-chan…."

"And we have news of a blast from the back end of the ship! It appears as though it's a direct hit to the back from both the outside and the inside!"

The group of Sankaku in the sand-covered village listened in, wide-eyed, from beneath a large tent where they always held their communal meetings. The tent had taken on a new purpose with the arrival of Horokohoro and company, however. A small, battery-operated radio that Kodada had packed along was in the middle of the group, giving out the latest news via an alien radio announcer on a station transmitting from the nearest Alien Alley. Rows of them were leaned forward, listening intently to the latest news in near-silence. At the front of them, along with the visitors, was the new leader of the Sankaku—A young female, Makihomaru. She was gray, and, as with Sankaku, covered in a variety of tattoos, although many of them were covered by the dark blue robes that she wore. She would occasionally look back at her tribe, and while she didn't say anything, Kodada couldn't help but feel the worry ruminating from her.

"According to sources it's… Keronians firing at the Keronian ship! A red one and a pink one, according to reports." The announcer spat out the words as quickly as she could, nearly tripping over them as she frantically updated her audience. "There's a green Keronian on one side, and reports of an Angol also watching from the distance. With this Angol's lack of interference, is it possible that the goodwill between the Angols and Keronians is finally at an end?!"

Kodada squeezed her eyes tightly, and Klaus reached out and placed a hand over hers as they sat in a group with the Sankaku. The Sankaku people said nothing to one another, only exchanged nervous glances.

Finally, a single voice was heard in the crowd—That of a small child, "Are we going to become nomads again?"

"N-No…." Horokohoro stood from his spot and raised his mask from his face. "We're warriors. We're Sankaku. I'm no leader, but…. I'll stay and fight for you."

"You ran from here!" snarled someone in the crowd, and Horokohoro flinched.

Makihomaru was slow to rise from her spot, and turned around to face the tribe, "…Once a Sankaku, always a Sankaku. He was on a journey, and he brought himself back here in a time of need."

Kodada sprang up from her spot and gently placed a hand on his shoulder, "He did leave, but…. He's also right! I…. I remember the Sankaku! Not well, but… I remember them! And they were all fierce warriors! A-And there's a Sankaku fighting for you right now! And… I'm going to go there and fight, too!"

"Kody…" Klaus said quietly, his eyes wide.

Horokohoro looked equally disturbed at this idea, and his normally calm or angry expression was replaced by one of confusion, "Birdy… I… I know I said I'd come here, but… I'm… I'm not doing enough here. I want to go to Japan, to help them."

"….I can't go with you, you know…"

"I-I know…. You need to stay here and take care of them…."

Horokohoro nodded, gulped, and seemingly swallowed his pride as he knelt before Makihomaru, "…Please. Let me guard you."

"Horokohoro, stand…." Makihomaru set a hand gently on the top of his head, and without a sound Horokohoro rose. "….It would be an honor to have you guard us. Everyone, we have to prepare for any impending invasion!"

She turned to her tribe, and they began to disperse from underneath the large tent.

"Please allow me a moment?" Horokohoro asked her, and Makihomaru obliged him, and stepped out of the tent to help the rest of her tribe.

Horokohoro turned to Kodada and exhaled sharply. He placed a hand to her forehead, and whispered a string of words quietly, repeating them over and over.

"Horokohoro, what are you—?"

And Kodada was stunned as he stopped his muttering and embraced her, "…It's a prayer. For your safety as a warrior. Now return so I don't have to seek out vengeance on someone again."

"I… I will. And take care of Klaus for me in the meantime."

"H-Huh?! Kody! You can't—"

"I have to. I'm sorry. I can't… I can't lose you, too." She briefly kissed him, and Horokohoro glanced to the side in order to allow them a bit of privacy while in front of them. She then broke out in a run, not even waiting for the stunned Klaus to answer.

"….Come on, there's much to do." Horokohoro snapped him out of his stare with a growl of orders, and Klaus scrambled to keep up with him, while Kodada readied her ship for departure.

"Okay…. Now don't crash this time…" she whispered to herself as she set her coordinates. "Don'ttttt crash. Who knows what you'll find if you wake up and another few million years have passed?!"

Mora screamed from her spot on the couch as she heard a knocking on the door, and brought the pillow she'd been clutching even closer to herself.

She grabbed one of the sabers Rokiki kept in the umbrella stand (he found its use for just umbrellas pointless) and was cautious in her float towards the door.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she was met with the round, red eye of a black, catlike ear.

Mora opened the door a crack, and allowed for Alisa and her father to pass in.

"Please pardon the intrusion…. We weren't sure where else to go during a time like this…." Nevula admitted as his eye rolled to look towards Mora.

"N-Not a problem at all! I'd… Offer to make you dinner, but…"

"No one feels like doing that much of anything except worrying. I understand."

"Daddy…. We can go out and fight…." said Alisa quietly.

"I have my limits, Alisa. This is Keronian against Keronian. There's a chance of civil war from this. I don't want you harmed…. And I don't want to be able to not defend you…."


"I know, Alisa. I know."

Another knock on the door, and the blade in Mora's hand immediately rose again. She was more than a little confused when there was a red phone box on her front porch.

"….That looks nothing like my online order…" she murmured.

"Hop on in!" Haruki called out as he stuck his head out the door, and Mora immediately brightened at the sight of him and burst the door to her own home open wide.

"Wait right here! I have someone for you!"

Haruki heard a door from inside the house, and Nevula quickly pulled one of his arms down to move Alisa aside as an excited puppy turned the corner and ran into Haruki's arms.

"Heyyyy, Rocky! Buddy, what are you doing here?!"

"Rokiki brought him here before things started to…. Get difficult…" Mora's polite smile fell, and Haruki gave a sigh. "He may be afraid of him, but he didn't want him to be harmed..."

"…Hey, come on, don't be like that…. They're gonna kick some ass. Now did Chandi call you?"

"She did… She's still helping gather people and get them to safety."

Alisa's eyes widened at this prospect, "….Daddy. I wish to do that."


"Daddy. Please."

"I… All right…" Nevula gave a sigh of defeat. "We're to be careful though, all right?"

"I promise."

"Please come back again! Hopefully when the world's… Not coming to an end…" said Mora with a nervous chuckle as Alisa passed her with her father already taking form into a large pair of wings. "We'll do a dinner, all of us!"

They were gone with a zoom in the sky, and Haruki gave a clearly impressed whistle before ushering Mora inside. "Come on in, he'll kill me if something happens to you…"

Rocky gave a bark, and Haruki chuckled, "Yeah…. Good to see you too, buddy."

When everyone was back and collected, Haruki sat alone in Haruo's old office, at his father's old desk, in his father's old chair.

But he wasn't his father.

Aliens had come in droves to the Grant Initiative headquarters, and Kyoko and he were dashing about madly to find resources to support all of them.

This included Kogoro and Lavie, whom Haruki had made a point to pick up. He couldn't help but snort a laugh as he heard Kogoro's own hearty laugh from downstairs; the box-loving alien was certainly a hit with entertaining the kids. Which was good… Because a lot of them were frightened. And Haruki didn't blame them in the slightest.

He was terrified, but he couldn't show it. He had to stay calm at least. His father was always calm. One way Haruki decided would be the best to retain his calm would be to retreat to Haruo's office—A large, half-moon shaped room with a circular panoramic window on one side, and on the other a wall of paintings of people of all species that Haruki didn't know.

"….Dad, how did you do it?"

Kyoko hadn't cleaned out Haruo's desk yet. Haruki wasn't sure if she was just too busy to do so, or if nostalgia played a factor.

He looked at photos of his mother and father through the years. Some black and white ones, other ones in color. And then some with him as an infant.

His father gradually grew older in each of the photos. He had never noticed his father growing so old until his father had finally passed.

Haruo aged, but Haruki's mother looked the same in every photo, with the kimono and the gentle smile.

Haruki, when he was growing up, equated this to her just having wonderful genes. Now that he knew all he did about the world, and all of its strange inhabitants, he had to wonder what exactly his father's connection was to all of them.

"….It'd explain why I look like I'm in my twenties still…" Haruki mused to himself as he looked at the photo of himself as a young child at the zoo, a parent holding either of his hands. "….But I guess that I can't ask anyone now, huh? Jeeze…. Well, I've lived as a human this long, why change it!?"

A glint caught Haruki's eye, and he looked back at the TV screen—It was the reason he'd disappeared to the office in the first place, although he'd convinced himself it it was to keep calm. It was to watch the fight… Helplessly.

With the dome in place, the world didn't know the details. They just knew of the strange symbols in the sky. Kyoko was already on an excuse for that. They were thinking fireworks, or another movie being filmed—That was one of the Grant Initiative's favorite excuses. That, and weather balloons.

There'd been another explosion, and another ship had shown up; this one ancient by any alien's standards, from what he could remember Kirere teaching him about alien ships.

"Ugh… Just be okay, kiddo…"

"Mister Suzuyama?" The knock on the door alerted Haruki to the presence of Rita, who was standing in the doorway. She just started to look over at the screen when Haruki quickly turned it off and stood.

"S-Sorry. I need to be out there, right. I know. Sorry."

"…It's all right. You didn't grow up with this chaos, I don't blame you for wanting a breather."

"….So this is normal?"

"Oh, not at all. Roswell as pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as this! ….This is bad…." Rita admitted. "Any updates on them?"

"Another explosion on the ship, and it looks like some backup arrived. I'm choosing to see that as a good sign, but I know that it can go either way," he replied with a wry smile. "…How'd you do this all your life?"

"Oh, I didn't. I ran off soon as I was able to. I'd just had enough with it all. I loved my mother, but legacy blinded her to what was in front of her sometimes, I feel. She wanted to make the world such as good place she sometimes lost focus of the good that was there already."

"Yeah... Heh. I understand that Except I never knew my dad was doing…. All of this. I don't get how he was able to run a huge company and do this."

"He had friends," Rita replied as she began to walk down the row of paintings on the wall. "….He was friendly, and kept in as much contact as he could with all of them. Alien, human… Even cryptids, he managed to befriend all of them."

"Hehe. And I thought he was just a playboy."

Rita turned around and gave a small giggle, "Oh, he was that too! My mother would tell me stories about him having three girlfriends at a time! Always lovely women, too."

Haruki couldn't help but roll his eyes at this, albeit fondly, "I just don't get how I'm supposed to do that too."

"Well, you might… You might not… I mean, look at me. I'm the daughter of a brilliant scientist from another time and an equally brilliant human who built an entire organization from the ground up. And I make movies! Not even really good ones, either! But… I can't be them. And I think that they're okay with that. They know I'm going to be me…. It's what they fought for, after all. Not so I could be as good as them, so I could be whatever I wanted to be! I think that's what everyone fights for on this planet…. Just to be themselves."

"…I guess I should go back down there?"

"Please. There's a weird guy showing off a box collection…" Rita giggled.

Haruki nodded, stood from his father's chair, and glanced at the photos once more.

He wasn't his father… But he could work just as hard at him.

"I'll just have to do things the Bill Dodger way…" said Haruki to himself.

"They've noticed their Time Bender is missing," Botan's eyes flipped, and Lem gave her a dull glare. "They're still putting up a good fight back in the timeline we came from, however."

"I fail to be moved by this…. What are we doing here, anyway?" Lem kicked at a piece of rubble and gave a dissatisfied grunt.

"You'll see."

She shakily rose from where she'd been sitting on the pile of stone in what had been the palace of the Time Benders at one time, and crept over to a set of two large, stone pillars all the while Lem watched her with what she could only assume was a critical eye.

Botan took in a deep breath, and extended her hand that carried her staff with her gem at the end of it. She began to twirl it in gentle motions, and Lem was about to scoff at this when he heard the first buzz of electricity. Then he wisely decided to take a few steps back from the pillars and see what the Time Bender had up her sleeves.

Pink electricity cracked and crackled in-between the pillars, and eventually Lem saw what looked like a small dot in-between the two posts.

It grew larger, and as it did it began to give off a white glow.

It was about the size of Botan when she'd finished, and she flinched in obvious pain as she set her staff back down.

"Well—Come on," she instructed him with a nod after she stepped through.

"…What in the world even is that?"

"It's the world I made for you. Now come see it."
“Ugh… I can’t lift it….” Kirere tried desperately to get traction as she tugged on the tarp with the engine that Keroro, Kururu, Dororo, and Mois had pilfered from the abandoned car in the alleyway. She braced herself against a wall, gulped, and then gave it a second try, but to no avail—The machine didn’t move an inch from its spot in front of the old car.

Keroro rubbed his aching back and stretched, doing his best to ignore the pop he heard along with it that had come from repeated attempts at moving the engine, “Kirere-dono, I don’t think….”

“T-This has to work. We have to move it, right?” asked Kirere. “That’s how we’ll get our ship!”

“R-Right, gero!” Keroro exclaimed, gripping on to a piece of the tarp once more. The others joined in as well, but there was still no movement of the engine. They’d managed to get as far as Dororo slicing off the front of the car so they could slide the engine out, and they were now at a standstill. Keroro gave another tug in vain on the tarp, only to lose his grip and going tumbling backwards.

“We’ll… We’ll try plan B then!” Keroro said from his upside-down position leaning against a garbage can, and he hopped back up onto his feet. “We’ll get to the junkyard and build a huge mecha from there! That should take care of it.”

“Kuku, without any shields?”

“We’ll stack up on one another and wear a trench coat!” Keroro exclaimed. Cold water was thrown to this plan quickly, however, as he looked at the sea of skeptical faces. “Or…. We’ll disguise ourselves as a kindergarten class out for a jaunt! Right! Just a lovely midnight jaunt! Eh? Giroro Goucho? Dororo? …Mois-dono?”

Mois gave her best smile, but it was little more than a nervous twitch while she wrung her hands together. “Ojii-sama….”

“Right… Hrm… Gero?” Keroro was surprised by the sudden flashing in front of them, and he had never been more happy to see an outdated piece of technology as when the red phone box appeared in front of him.

And the first one to jump out was Fuyuki, who ran to Keroro without even giving a glance to the chaotic world around him. Keroro didn’t even have time to process it before he was swept up in the sobbing Fuyuki’s arms. “Gunso!....”

“Fuyuki-dono!” Keroro sobbed in return, and looked past Fuyuki’s shoulder to see the other humans and Keronians in the doorway of the phone booth.

“Okay, guys, you remember the plan?” asked Haruki.

“Get everyone to safety!” Koyuki nodded.

“Make sure the Alien Alley isn’t compromised. On it!” Chandi added.

“Also call your mom, she’s gotta be worried!” Haruki shouted as Chandi started to run off, and Koyuki, along with the Martin twins, Tom, and Saburo all ran out in different directions.

“Fuyuki!” Natsumi called out, turning back briefly. “Good luck!”

“You too, Nee-chan! Stay safe!” Fuyuki replied. And then Natsumi vanished into the crowds.

“Eh? You okay there?” Haruki asked Momoka as she fidgeted in the doorway. She nodded, took a single step forward, and stopped in front of Fuyuki, who was still in an embrace with Keroro.

She quickly slipped a piece of paper into Fuyuki’s hand and then ran off, silent, her face red, and—Haruki could swear with tears in her eyes.

“Okay—Lee, you’ll keep in contact with the kids?” asked Haruki. Lee, before piling out of the phone booth, answered by silently loading the magazine into her gun and giving a single nod. “…Not sure where you hide all of those, but okay!”

“Haruki!” Kirere chirped as she spied her Pekoponian friend, and he bent down to take his own hug from her. “You…. You sounded so official!”

“Well, hey, I’ve got to. Got to make your Grandpa proud, right? Now what’s going on, kiddo?”

“We’re trying to build a ship!” she replied, stepping aside to reveal the engine that they’d been unable to move.

“Oh really? Well, I’ve got something just a little better for you…. Everyone come on it!” Haruki stepped aside, and the members of Keroro platoon filed in, Keroro still clinging on to Fuyuki all the while, enjoying the embrace from his best friend.

“…Gunso… You’re going to be in trouble, aren’t you?” Fuyuki asked quietly as they braced for travel by taking a seat on the living room couch.

“Gero! I… I will, but… I… I don’t care…. What matters now is that… Fuyuki-dono and Pekopon are safe. That’s what matters to me most anymore.”

“Gunso…” Fuyuki sniffed. “Eh?....”

He noted the crumpled paper in his hand, and opened it up, closing it immediately a moment later.

“Gero? What’s that, Fuyuki-dono?”

“N-Nothing, Gunso. Something I’ll take care of later!” Fuyuki said with a nervous chuckle.

“We just need to take this thing up,” said Haruki as he passed Fujuju, who was in the living room with his own Keron ball as he piloted his home/ship.

“I’m going to need a new bloody battery after this….” Fujuju mumbled as he gently tapped the side of the device he held onto. “Which building was it?”

“You’ll know it when you see it,” replied Haruki.

They arrived back atop the building just as Tamama and Giroro arrived with all of the weapons they could find—Which was mainly kitchen knives and mace from the downstairs department store. It had not been a plentiful bounty at all.

Giroro and Tamama were surprised to find Hachichi, Romama, and Rokiki on the roof—Even more so to find Fujuju’s house there with the rest of them platoon in it.

“Big old family reunion,” Haruki chuckled as most of the Romama platoon and the rest of the Keroro platoon stepped outside of the box.

“Now you’re sure you have this?” Fujuju asked cautiously as he passed Haruki the Keron ball.

“I’m licensed to drive a big rig. This can’t be that much different, right? And don’t worry—I’ll pick up Rita for you and then Mora and get everyone back to the Grant headquarters.”

“Neh…” Botan shuffled out of the back of the home, and Fujuju instantly fell into a small panic as he saw her. She was tired, and leaning on her staff for support. “….Don’t close that door yet. I’m going to fight this.”

“Absolutely not. You need to stay here,” Fujuju began to usher her back, and she pushed against him. “Botan…”

“I need to…”

“I… I lost someone I loved once already this decade, I don’t intend to again!” Fujuju’s voice was loud. Louder than he’d expected.

Loud enough to stop all of the rest of the movement on the rooftop.

“I can’t…. I can’t lose you, too…” his voice was weakened by his self-consciousness, and Botan sighed and knelt down in front of him.

“You won’t lose me….” she reassured him. “….A million timelines, and you’re the only one I love. I won’t let go of that easily, either.”

“Hey, our reinforcements should be here in a second… We really need to, um…” Haruki shuffled his feet anxiously, and Fujuju sighed as he felt Botan place a hand against his face.

“….You’re lying….” Fujuju said to her quietly.

“….Not about the love…”

“….Let her stay here, Haruki.”

“Y-Yeah… Kirere, are you….?”

“She’s staying to fight,” said Giroro after Kirere looked back at her father worriedly. She immediately lit up, and Haruki couldn’t hide the feeling of his heart dropping to his stomach.

“Yeah…. I guess you would…. I forget about you being a solder, too, heh.”

“Haruki, you’re not staying?” asked Kirere.

“Nah… I’ve got a lot of stuff to work out at the Grant Initiative. Lots of aliens going nuts, lots of confused phone calls… I wanna help, but I know they need me there. Just… Take care of yourself, okay? I don’t know what the hell I’d do if something happened to you,” Haruki admitted as he scratched the back of his head.

“I will,” she replied brightly.

Haruki’s eyes traveled up to the lights shining above them, and he gave a smile of relief. “Looks like the cavalry’s here. I gotta go.”

“Fuyuki-dono, you should go, too,” said Keroro, and Fuyuki shook his head.

“No way, Gunso. We’re going to defend Pekonpon together! We… We were together when you arrived here, I don’t care if this means we’re here at the end together!”

“I’ll see you guys soon—No one do anything too dumb, being dumb is my job!” called out Haruki before he shut the door to the phone booth. The whirring of an engine, and he was gone.

And that allowed everyone to look upwards, towards the Keron military ship. There was a brief moment of panic until Giroro recognized the number on the side of it—The panic for him was replaced by equal parts relief and confusion.

“G-Garuru! How did you get past the dome?!” Giroro asked, slack-jawed, as he watched his brother descend from a ramp that lowered from the ship, backlit by a bright light coming from the inside of it.

“….The Grant Initiative has some interesting technology…. We have to be quick about this. What do you need?”

“Seeing everyone here is like winning the lottery!” Hachichi squealed to Romama and Rokiki, and he couldn’t hide the small bounce in his step. “I don’t believe this! I-I mean, I’ve been through this before, but it’s never been like this! Boy I hope this is a good sign…”

Romama had seen this excitement before. He’d seen it many times.

Romama remembered where he’d seen it, and Romama went completely pale.

“Any weapons you have and anything that can fly,” Giroro answered.

“Right. We’ll have it out for you and then we’ll be on our way before anyone realizes what we’ve done… You realize you’re a war criminal now, right, Giroro?”


“…I’ll also take care of telling dad,” Garuru added, and walked back up the ramp. Moments later several crates floated down, and immediately all of the Keronians, the lone Angol, and the lone human began to unpack them.

The ramp slowly closed up, and Giroro could see them for a brief second before the door totally shut—The worried faces of the Garuru platoon peeking out from the small slit.

“Been a little while since I’ve shot,” Mahihi admitted as he pulled out a rifle from one of the crates.

“Oh this is perfect!” said Kirere as she pulled out a hover board for herself.

“It’s not a ship, but it’ll do. It’s better than what we had,” Giroro admitted.

“Actually, I’ll be taking these….” Rokiki picked up two of the kitchen knives from the pile on the ground Giroro had made, and tested the grip of the handle before giving an affirming grunt of approval. “Do you use—”

Rokiki turned to where Hachichi had been standing, but curiously found him absent. “Where the hell did he…Ugh, nothing makes sense anymore. Romama, do you want one?”

“I think there’s a laser sword in here…” Romama replied.
Lupapa looked at the end of her spear, the one she’d carved herself so many years ago, and she wondered if it would be enough against the large, imposing ship,  “Dororo, do you think….”

“I think in your hands, Lupapa-dono, you’ll be a valuable warrior,” Dororo reassured her, putting a hand over the one that gripped her spear.

“…If we make it out here… Let’s get married. And not when we’re drunk.”

“Well, there goes my GiroDoro OTP… But I guess it’s cute,” Chunini chuckled as she strapped on a flight pack. “Dibs on matron of honor!”

“Matrons are married women and you’re not married, idiot…” Lupapa grumbled.

“Nonsense. What do you think I did on the way here?”

“I’m a notary,” Mahihi replied and gave a shrug. “What? They had a free class at the library and I was bored!”

“Anyone have a lighter?” asked Fujuju as he felt around in his own scarf.

“Kukuku, ask and ye shall receive….” Kururu held an unlit silver Zippo under Fujuju’s face, and the Keronian pocketed it after contemplating it.

“You sure you’ll be okay with that, dude?” asked Mahihi.

“I can control it… And even if not, one of you can stop me. I have faith.” Fujuju tucked the lighter into his scarf, and took a small pistol for himself before stepping on his own board. He was a poor shot, but the lighter was the real weapon, anyhow. “Let’s just hope they have some chemicals out in the open.”

“I think this is the best we can do,” Giroro said when he’d loaded enough guns to his liking. “Keroro, what’s the plan?”

“Gero… We…. Get on the ship… And get control of it… And save the day! We attend the celebratory parade the next day!” Keroro chirped. “And then we pave the way for alien-human relations! Not just the kind Giroro Goucho’s looking for, either!”

“Y-You shut up about that!” Giroro snapped. “All right, you take lead. You’ve got us with you.”

“R-Right.” A platoon bigger than he’d ever expected, spanning across four species. “Fuyuki-dono, stay back with Time Bender-sama. We’ll get her if it’s enough of an emergency.”

“You got it, Gunso!” Fuyuki exclaimed.

“All right, Keroro-Romama platoon! Move out!” Keroro called, and one-by-one they took off on hover boards, weapons in hand.

“I hope they’ll be all right…” Fuyuki said to himself as he sat down on the roof alone with Botan. The group slowly faded into the distance of the night—Looking a bit more like stars than actual aliens after a short while.

“Oh I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

Fuyuki looked to Botan, but the calm voice had sounded nothing like her. Botan weakly gripped the staff at her side, and she struggled to stand as Fuyuki turned around to see Fujuju behind them, watching the sight of the platoons in the distance. “What camaraderie. That’s what the military is all about, right….?”

“Eh? Fujuju Soucho, but aren’t you with the others?...”

“He is….” Botan said as she slowly rose from her spot, yelping as she nearly fell onto the ground once more.

And then Fuyuki started to see small differences in this Fujuju… Maybe just a little older, no scarf… No scar on his neck like he’d been told Fujuju had. And no accent whatsoever. There was also something to his eyes…. Something cold. Something that made Fuyuki want to avoid contact with them outright.

“You look awful… You don’t have much left, do you?” Lem sighed as he circled her and Fuyuki. “…What a shame… You could stop it all if you wanted to, but…. You just can’t bring yourself to do it, can you?”

“Botan-san? What’s he—”

“You still haven’t told any of them? Have you told him?” And Lem gave a sigh at Botan’s silence. “Well, this’ll be awkward then!”

“Hey!” Lem gave a roll of his green eyes and, as he had several times before, found Hachichi standing behind him. “Leave her alone!”

“Oh this annoyance is never going to go away….” Lem shook his head and huff.

“I could say the same thing about you! I leave for just a few seconds and here you are again!”

“Now what are you going to do, doctor? Gauze me to death?”

Hachichi returned this with a punch to Lem’s stomach. That was something Hachichi had yet to do in any of the timelines he’d gone down.

“Keroro-dono, we found the entrance!” Dororo called out from his spot under the ship.

“I’ve got this…” Giroro flew over on his hoverboard, and aimed towards the hull, and fired a single shot.

It was enough to blast a hole for them to float into. Mahihi remained stationed outside, set up further away from the ship, with the site from his rifle aimed towards the cockpit.
“This is going to be fun explaining in church…. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that…” Mahihi said to himself as he adjusted his body on his board. He was stomach-down on it, and keeping his eyes intently on the ship ahead of him.

On the other side, also from a distance, was Mois, with her staff ready. Mahihi had his gun aimed if things went wrong—Mois had herself prepared in case they really went wrong.
Kururu split off from the group immediately upon entering the ship, intent on finding the control room, with Tamama going with him as a bodyguard.

“Good-bye any goodwill we had on Keron, huh?” Chunini chuckled nervously. “First my career, now this….”

“But you’ve got your family, so it’s worth it, right?” asked Lupapa. The two women made up the tail of the group, staying behind in case of anything popping out from behind them.

“Definitely. So when’s Lupa-chan going to start her family, huh? You already look pudgy like you’re trying.”

“…Don’t jinx me…”

“Don’t…” Chunini stopped and held up her hands to her mouth, drawing the attention of the rest of the platoons.

“She stepped on something!” Lupapa snapped, taking Chunini roughly by the arm and practically dragging her along with her. “…Make a scene and I’ll stab you.”

“We’re going to have SUCH a good girl talk if we don’t die, Lupa-chan!” Chunini giggled.

“You fight dirty now…. You must be getting tired for me too, huh?” Lem rubbed his aching stomach and laughed as best he could—In spite of the pain.

“You’re messing up the future…. You need to knock it off. You’re taking a risk of making everything unstable again.” Hachichi didn’t bother to unclench his fists, and Lem shook his head.

“You don’t get it or you don’t want to. My future was messed up from the beginning. I had it taken from me!”

“And that sucks, but that’s no excuse for what you’re trying to do here! You can’t just… Give yourself a better life at the expense of everybody else!”

“Says the man from the loving family…. Don’t think that I don’t know who you are. As many times as we’ve met, I’ve figured it out. Do you know what I would’ve given for a life like yours growing up? Nothing but… Loneliness… And a family I never knew… If you found a way to chance that, you can’t say you wouldn’t?! Put yourself in my shoes!”

“I have! But that still doesn’t make this right….”

“What’s going on?” Fuyuki whispered, and Botan shut her eyes tightly.

“I can’t kill Lem… Because that is Lem. What you’re looking at is his true form.”

“W-What?! Fujuju Soucho?!”

Lem turned around at the sound of his name—His real one.

“So finally you tell the truth. No wonder I love you in this world,” he grinned widely, and looked over to the dumbstruck Fuyuki. “…Not every universe is a happy one. I’m from one of the unhappy ones. The thing is… When you spend your life, dedicated to science…. There’s an upside. Like finding different universes week forty into your research. Like finding out that you can rewrite your life. So imagine my surprise when I try it and make a better life for myself, and a Time Bender pops up! Well, she recognizes me as her husband—And she made the worst mistake of her life telling me that. She can erase history, erase people, fix time… But she really has a soft spot for this universe’s me.”

“You… You can’t be Fujuju Soucho!”

“Well, no. I’m not in the military. That never happened in my universe. Just getting taken by the scientists. Just getting locked in a lab for hours on end. Just making huge scientific breakthroughs. Just…. Finding out what a good life I had in universes like this. And she’s wrecked my life enough… The one I tried to rebuild and rebuild… I thought I’d return the favor for a change.”

“That’s… That’s so wrong, you can’t…”

“And then this one comes back with the same technology to save his own skin… He’s just as selfish, really.”

Hachichi clenched his jaw and stared at Lem with his bright blue eyes. Already, Fuyuki could tell, he was calculating another punch.

“Heh. I’m trying to keep the universe from imploding. Existing is just a bonus for me…. There’s still some good in you, otherwise you would’ve stopped me from existing by doing in my parents one of the million times you’ve been here.”

“No one’s perfect…” Lem sighed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have business to get to.”

“Don’t you dare!” Botan, with a sudden burst of energy fueled by anger, stomped over to him. As Lem retrieved a small, Keron-ball like device, she used her staff to strike it out of his hands.

“Let me have this! You… You know what this means to me! You know better than anyone… Don’t you?”

“…Don’t… Don’t start that again… Please…”

“…Please. I don’t want to make this difficult on both of us….” Lem took a few careful steps towards her, and gently he placed a hand on the staff. And with a single motion, he was able to pull it from her hands, and she fell to the ground. “…You’re making this so difficult.”

“E-Eliza Grant!” Fuyuki shouted, and Lem, who had been staring down at Botan, slowly raised his old, green eyes.

“Eliza Grant loved you! S-She started the Grant Initiative for you!”

“…She started that for that other fool.”

“A-And he was still you! You’re the same person, Fujuju Soucho!” Fuyuki answered.

“Rita Grant! She loves you, too!” added Hachichi.

Lem gave a sigh, “This? Really?”

“Oriri and Lizzy—They love you, too!” said Fuyuki.

“And the Martin twins! And the other Martin! I can’t think of her name, but she thinks you’re okay! And Rokiki in a lot of universes! Like… A lot of them! I haven’t really figured that out yet!” Hachichi answered.

Lem’s grip loosened on the staff, and he quietly shut his eyes, “….There’s no way they’d love this version of me…”

“They would…. And they do… And I’ll show you,” Botan huffed, tightly wrapped her hands around her staff, and looked him straight in the eye.

And with a flash of pink, Fuyuki found himself alone on the roof with Hachichi.
Hachichi slowly made his way to the center of the roof, where the Keronian and Time Bender had been, and glanced down at the ground, “Well, that’s new….”

“A-Are they going to be okay…?”

“Eh? Oh, I don’t know… They haven’t been yet, but weirder’s happened…” Hachichi shoved his hands in his pockets and looked out at the ship ahead of him. “….I just they're doing okay in there now.”
Episode 48 – Hachichi & Lem: A Past and a Future

“I always saw myself dying with you… But it wasn’t like this…. Usually it was in some battle. But I guess this is a good reflection on my life. I try for greatness and I end up in a gerbil cage,” Rokiki admitted from his side of the cell he’d been placed in with Romama, his arms crossed over his chest and one of his legs jiggling up and down.

Romama was still pacing about; he hadn’t stopped. He’d occasionally give a growl and a kick or a punch to the metal wall, and Rokiki would only shake his head and give a disgusted roll of the eyes.

“What? So you’re not even going to try to get us out of here?” Romama snapped, spinning around to face his former platoonmate. "You're just going to sit there?"

There was a whistling, followed by the pattering of feet, and Rokiki’s eyes silently followed Mogaga as he passed by them, not even bothering to glance at the prisoners.

“In the next thirty seconds it should be the yellow one that attacked me,” Rokiki said quietly as he focused remained on the hallway in front of them, holding up one of his fingers to signal Romama to remain still.

Romama watched with his large, catlike eyes as indeed Akoko did pass them, giving a brief, cold glance.

“…You’re timing them….” Romama whispered in awe, and Rokiki nodded and stood from his spot. “What about this?”

Romama tapped on the plastic-like shield in front of them, the barrier that was there in place of bars.

“That I’m working on…” Rokiki admitted in a mutter, crouching down to look at the bottom of the barrier. He attempted to move his fingers under it, but to no avail. "If I still wore my old uniform I could've snuck in a knife... But no..."

Romama looked about in the cell for anything he could use to help, and his eyes stopped at a grated vent in the top left of the back wall.

Rokiki turned around to berate Romama on his laziness in not helping with their escape, and scoffed at the sight of the vent.

“You’re joking, right? That old standby?”

“We’re both small enough.”

“It could be for letting in poison or something like that for all we know. Use your head with this….” Rokiki grumbled. “…Hrm.”


“Get me one of the screws from it. We can see if we can use that to get a little leverage on the bottom of the door, and then use the hinge from the cot over there as a fulcrum. Do you think you can?”

“…I’ll have to stand on your head to do it.”

“…Nevermind, we’ll just die.”

“Can you stop hating me for five minutes?! Every time I think we’re over this bridge you park all of your issues right back on it!”

Startled, Rokiki bared his teeth, and gave a low, tiger-like growl. His fists clenched, and he could feel his blood pressure rising.

“…No wonder I was put in charge of the mission. You would’ve had a meltdown the moment things got rough.”

“Say that again, you brat! I dare you!”

“….You would’ve been a terrible leader. Your temper is awful, you can’t command a room, and you have so many vendettas with people you’ve burned more bridges than Fujuju.”

“That’s IT. If we’re dying, you’re going first so I can fight you more in Hell! I'm going to beat the kale smoothie out of you!” Rokiki lunged at Romama, only for Romama to jump out of the way quickly enough that Rokiki slammed against the cot. He gave a grunt and stood back up and rushed towards the corner Romama had back into. He threw a lone punch, and Romama ducked. Rokiki instead hit the plastic-like barrier, and there was the sound of a loud popping noise.

“I’m going to strangle you with that stupid bandanna!”

“Try it, you old jerk!” snapped Romama. Rokiki punched again, and again Romama ducked.
And again there was a loud pop, and the barrier Romama had been leaning against with all of his weight fell back onto the ground.

Rokiki stared down at Romama in silent shock, and then held out one of his hands for Romama go grab. “….You tricked me.”

“…You wouldn’t have been mad enough if you were in on it,” Romama explained with a grunt as he stood. “Are you okay?”

“My hand’s broken… Did you really mean any of that?”

“Your people skills aren’t the best, but you definitely would have been a better leader,” Romama replied with a nod.

"....That means a lot coming from you. But if you tell anyone I said that I'll deny it with my dying breath."

“HEY!” Both jerked at the sound of Mogaga’s up until then calm voice, and the brown Keronian, who had been walking back down the hall while policing them, dropped the clipboard he’d been carrying in his hands.

“Crap,” whispered Rokiki.

“Run,” added Romama, and the two took off down the long hallway.

The Keroro platoon found themselves on the top of a tall, abandoned office building, staring up at a ship in front of them. Their Pekoponians were nowhere to be found—Having all seemingly found somewhere safe to hide.

Giroro was polishing one of his weapons, Kururu was furiously typing away. Mois had gone out on a scouting mission, coming back and hopping off her staff gracefully as always.

“You have the dimensions of that ship for me?” Kururu asked as he glanced up to Mois, and she nodded and retrieved a slip of paper from underneath her hat.

“I’m going to kick all their asses…. I don’t care if it’s a whole battalion!” Tamama muttered with a cracking of the knuckles. "They're all as good as dust!"

Dororo was sitting calmly in a corner, polishing his sword—As Kirere watched him, he looked almost too calm. But maybe he was… Resigned to something?


He was an assassin. He hadn't just been given that title--He'd earned it. She’d forgotten that part of him too many times.

And Keroro was on the ledge of the building, staring. Wordless. No laughing, no wheedling his way to get out of his responsibilities—Nothing at all.

Kirere took a seat next to him on the ledge and glanced over to him. The same, ever-unblinking face.

“So… What’s our plan…?” she asked quietly.

The heads of the other platoon members slowly turned themselves toward Keroro; so what they’d been afraid to ask had been asked after all.

Keroro didn’t answer with words. He slowly stood up from his spot, his hands balled into fists, and Kirere noticed he didn’t even bother to turn.

And then Keroro turned, and beamed a smile at the rest of the platoon, “It’ll work out! It always does, gero! This time will be no different!”

“That’s your PLAN?” Giroro gripped his gun tighter, and quickly stalked over to Keroro. This wasn’t even the normal frustrated Giroro that Kirere had seen. As he stomped towards Keroro, he looked furious. “You idiot! They have the military! We have nothing! We’re just us! We don’t even have a way get up to their ship! This is all because we couldn’t pull off a proper invasion!”

“Giroro Goucho…. This isn’t the way to talk to a friend now, is it?”

“A friend of mine wouldn’t put my daughter in trouble like this…” Giroro snarled. “…Kirere, come on.”

“Where are we going? To get a saucer?!”

“I’m going to find somewhere safe for you to hide… I’m sick of sitting here like a duck, waiting to get hunted.”

“G-Giroro Goucho, wait up!” Keroro scuttled over to the angry red Keronian, and managed to step in front of him and block his path by holding his hands against Giroro’s chest. Giroro, in turn, slapped them off, much to Keroro’s shock.

“Kirere… Come on….”

“I… I want to stay and fight…” Kirere started, but this ended on a weak note, her voice tapering off and her confidence wavering as she caught Giroro's hard stare.

“Kukuku, she is a super soldier, Senpai.”

“And what would the army honestly do if they found her?...” Giroro asked coldly, and was met with silence from Kururu. The sound of Kururu’s typing stopped, but he didn’t turn to Giroro to face him. Not to make any jokes, or sly comebacks. Kururu’s fingers merely rested over the keys, positioned at them in mid-type. “…Garuru was right, much as I hate to admit it…. We… We can’t let the military know about her. They’ll do worse than Kezanstav even did.”

“Giroro-kun, what are you saying…?” Dororo sheathed his sword. He had a good idea of where Giroro’s mind was—Having been there himself. But he couldn’t begin to fathom Giroro would actually….

And then Giroro set his gun on the ground, at Keroro’s feet, “…This is what I’m saying.”

“…Giroro…” Keroro choked out.

“I don’t like this…. I don’t like this at all…” said Tamama to himself.

The sun was starting to set on them. They were quickly losing daylight, and Kirere was feeling a chill—But she didn’t think it was from the dropping temperature of the night. There were yells and horns honking from under all of them, although the platoon itself was silent.

Now wasn’t the time for her eyes to start stinging, or her throat to get tight, “O-Okay, s-so I might not join the military! But this place is my home, and… I’ve got to protect it! And if you’re not going to, I still will! You didn’t…. No one had a plan for me, either! But that was okay in the end—It worked out! A-And this will too, I’m sure of it.”

“I’m not going to see you hurt…. You might hate me, but this it for your own good, Kirere…. Kururu, you’re just as much her parent. Be that for once.”

“Kuku, letting them make their own decisions is part of letting them learn to grow, Senpai.”

“And my decision’s to fight! Even if I’m no good at it!” Kirere replied—And…. Even if she wanted to win the fight, she was losing the fight to stop crying quickly. A single sob came out, and she removed one of her brown work gloves to wipe her eyes. “We just… Can’t let them destroy this place, right?”

“….I won’t let them, for one…” Dororo stood from the small cushion he’d been sitting on, and approached the small band. "I have too much here I care about."

“Y-Yeah! They can’t have Pekopon! The snacks here are too good, and I haven’t been to every theme park I want to go to yet!” Tamama replied, bouncing over to the group.

“Kukuku…. While it’d be easier to sit back, I suppose it’d just be a mound of paperwork explaining ourselves to the bosses… Well, ex-bosses. We’re fighting against Keron, that’s what’s happening here, right?”

“And… If this planet has to be destroyed, really I should be the one to do it. Could you say, my purpose in life?” Mois chuckled.

“…Fine…” Giroro sighed, and his shoulders fell. “…What’s one more stupid mission?”

“All right, Goucho!” Keroro cheered, and Kirere gave her own display of victory in the form of a hug that caught Giroro off guard and sent him toppling to the floor.

“Okay, let’s we what we’ve got… Mois-dono’s staff can get a few of us there….” Keroro thought to himself.

“We have that, a laptop, a gun, and a sword,” Kururu added, doing the math for Keroro in a rare act of mercy.

“What if we could get something else that could fly us? I mean, if we could get the right parts, we could do it, right?” asked Kirere.

“…Gero! I’ve got it!” Keroro added with a snap of the fingers.

“W-What? Really?!” Giroro balked.

“Really! Giroro Goucho, you and Tamama Nitohei look for some things we can use as weapons—Everyone else, let’s get downstairs and get some things to put a saucer together!”

“Kuku…. This isn’t how I saw myself going out, but there are worse ways, I suppose….” Kururu giggled. "Still, drowning in a vat of curry would have been the best...."

“I… I think we lost them!” Romama panted as he pressed himself against the wall of one of the ship’s remote hallways.

“I am nowhere near the shape I want to be in…” Rokiki added as he choked for oxygen.

“Psst! Hey!”


“Hey! Over here!”

“I’m right here…” Romama grumbled.

“It’s not me!” Rokiki answered in a whisper, and caught the waving of an arm out of the corner of his eye. A black Keronian hand, attached to a white sleeve.

“D-Don’t run!” whispered the voice. “I’m on your guys’ side! I promise…”

Rokiki stalked over towards the voice, who sighed with relief. From the shadow of the darkened metal hallway, Rokiki reached out and gripped on the neck of the throat the voice originated from, and the black Keronian began to choke and sputter as Rokiki lifted him off his feet and pressed him against the wall, in spite of being shorter than him.

“H-Hey, put him down!” Romama shook Rokiki’s arm, finally getting him to loosen his grip and allow the Keronian to collapse on the floor.

“I’m… I’m glad you guys made it…” he coughed, and shakily stood up from the crumpled mass he’d become on the floor. “I was looking all over for your cell!”

Rokiki narrowed his eyes, and his unbroken hand was prepped to lift up the stranger by the neck again at a moment’s notice, “Who in the hell are you and how’d you get on here?”

“It… It doesn’t matter… What matters is I can get you out! That’s what you want, right?”

“Right.” Romama nodded, and the Keronian in the lab coat grinned weakly, and retrieved a dark purple metal orb from a pocket inside his coat. Romama furrowed his brow as he took one look at it, and he wondered exactly what and who Rokiki and he were dealing with.

“Hold on to me, okay?” asked the Keronian, and the two nodded after a moment of hesitation.

Neither could contain their screams as they felt a sudden stretching of not only themselves, but reality around them. The ship was gone, and all that was left was a vortex of black and fuchsia around them.

When everything settled, Rokiki staggered around, while Romama dropped down to his knees and attempted not to vomit the salad he’d enjoyed only a day or so ago—During a simpler time.

“What… What the hell was that?!” Rokiki demanded with a heavy pant.

“A Keron ball with Time Bender technology in it! There’s a little crystal in it that controls not only when we can go, but where!”

“That’s what happens each time a Time Bender moves?” Romama asked.

“Yeah… It’s no wonder she’s wearing down, as much as he’s made her move around….” he said with a sigh, slipping the Keron ball back into his pocket. “I’m Hachichi, by the way!”

“Romama Shosa and Rokiki—”

“Oh, I know all about you guys! Not to worry!” Hachichi chuckled.

“Where are we?” Rokiki finally asked, becoming aware of the sounds of shouts under him.
Romama recognized a familiar yellow swirl sticker on the back of a laptop and wandered over to it, sitting cross-legged in front of it.

“Huh. I thought they’d be here…” Hachichi muttered, pacing about the rooftop of the building. “…They must be off doing…. What were they doing at this time? Man, it’s all getting confusing for me now, too…”

“What’re you going on about? And how do you know us?” Rokiki demanded.

“….Boy, where to begin….?” Hachichi said as he looked out at the lights from dozens from police cruisers in the distance.

“You’re a Time Bender?” Romama tapped on one of the keys of the laptop, but was annoyed to find that he was locked out, no matter what he pressed.

“…Not at all. I’m a medic, actually.”

“Then how the hell are you wrapped up in all of this?” asked Rokiki.

“Well…. You guys matter a lot to me. So… You know there’s different dimensions, right? Different timelines, where different things happen? I started to notice stuff was going, um… Pear-shaped… Someone was messing with timelines. I sort of commandeered this new Keron ball model.”

“So you’re a thief,” said Rokiki plainly.

“W-What?! No way! I’m not, I promise! I just… Botan’s in trouble.”

“Botan?” Romama looked up from this laptop, and Hachichi could feel two sets of very interested eyes upon him suddenly.

“Yeah… What the hell are you calling this guy, Lem? He keeps messing up time, she keeps having to fix it. I can move through time, but I can’t fix it. And… Time’s like a glass vase…. You can smash it easy enough…”

“But putting it back together is a pain…” Rokiki finished. “…How bad is it?”

Hachichi took in a sharp breath of air, “….She probably has one more in her. If he messes it up again… She’s not going to be able to fix it.”

“She’ll be too weak?” asked Romama. Hachichi was silent, his eyes only searching the ground. “…She won’t just be weak, will she?”

“…W-What matters is I can help you guys!” Hachichi rushed over to Rokiki, his white lab coat flapping in the wind, “This is broken, isn’t it? Jeeze, as many times as you’ve done this… Here, I’ve got just the thing for this!”

He removed a small pen from another pocket in his coat, and rested the cap from the tan-colored pen in-between his teeth as he clicked the end of it. A blue light emitted from it, and Hachichi scanned over it a few times before switching it off again. “Try to move it.”

“It… It feels fine…” said Rokiki with amazement.

“Yeah, my mom’s a hell of an inventor,” Hachichi said with a proud chuckle as he placed the pen back in his pocket. “….Now let’s just hope everyone else comes through….”
Chunini sat alone in the silent monolith of a condo. Lee was gone from her for the first time since she’d been arrested and kept on Keron for those few days. On the table were her ribbons; putting up her hair seemed like her last priority, not that she could do it. Her crest had now totally stopped working, as many times as she’d pressed it. No one was there to take her phone calls… So she was left waiting in the gray-tinted apartment. Alone. With the worst company she could imagine.

She clutched onto the plush rabbit, one Lee had one for Jin-ae at a small carnival they’d visited together… A carnival so similar to the once Chunini had once met another young girl at.

“How am I going to tell them?” she realized, the rush of memory of Jin-ae’s birth parents running back to her. The words they’d used that she’d never thought she’d hear in the relation to herself—responsible, selfless, warm… Kind.

She clutched the plush animal tighter as she felt her chest tighten.

The white glow made Chunini scoot back in her couch—She wasn’t terrified, though. The only thought that entered her mind was, “what now…?”.

The red phone box, its many windows coated in old brown butcher’s papers, smoked as it appeared in front of her in the living room, destroying not only a chandelier hanging from the ceiling but a custom coffee table carved from a single piece of redwood.

Chunini only watched this destruction with dull wonder.

The door opened and Fujuju stumbled out, nearly falling over himself as he pushed open the door.

“I’m… Ever so sorry…” he muttered, noticing the remnants of the coffee table on the ground.

“I hated it, anyway,” she muttered. “What… What’s going on? What are you doing here, Juu-kun?”

“We’ve come to fetch you,” said Fujuju. Chunini noticed Lupapa and Mahihi in the doorway, now Mahihi first stepping out of the phone booth.

“You made the news on one of the Asian news station…” Mahihi cleared his throat, stopping short of embracing her. He then took in a deep breath, and went ahead with the embrace. Chunini barely returned this, and only allowed herself to stand there, limp, until he backed away from her.

“I wonder what people are going to have more of a field day with…” Chunini scoffed.

“Hey, takes a real talent to still make the news in lieu of an alien invasion,” Mahihi said wryly. “We had to take Daisy and the kids’ to her parents’ place. Of course we had to explain why Waikiki was now a lot smaller… Guess when she told them I was an “alien” they thought I was from Okinawa or somewhere.”

“The forest is mainly untouched…” Lupapa chimed in. “…For what that’s worth… I’m not sure how long that will be the case, however.”

“Well I can tell you London’s a bloody nightmare. You’ve got the terrified, the well-meaning science fiction fans, the people just trying to make sense of it all… And then the National Party but they were a pain before this mess…” Fujuju muttered. “My, they’re going to have quite some time telling me to go back home!”

“If you’re coming to round me up, too… Sorry,” Chunini shook her head. “I… I can’t. Have to wait for her.”

“I can look for her,” Lupapa adjusted the position of her staff and took a step forward.

“Lupe, that ain’t an option,” Mahihi sighed. “They can all see us.”

“My cloaking device was broken for years before it got fixed. I can do this. I can hide in the shadows more effectively than any of you.”

“You… You’d do that for me?” Chunini sniffed. Lupapa shrugged. Chunini embraced her. Lupapa squirmed her way out of the hug.

“We still have somewhere to be,” Mahihi muttered, nudging Fujuju.

“Right then… We—”

“MOM!” The door of the condo burst open just as Lupapa was on her way out, and the purple Keronian was nearly plowed over the young girl.

Chunini was twirled around by the young girl, all while being clutched in a death grip. Lupapa watched this, fingers just gracing the crest on her stomach.

Fujuju and Mahihi glanced to each other, to Lupapa, and then offward in the distance, as to not invade the moment that Chunini and Jin-ae were sharing, either.

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” Jin-ae repeated through sobs. “I just… I couldn’t, and then… And then I saw… Then I saw the news, and…. And…!”

“Couldn’t what? Couldn’t what?” Chunini asked in the calmest voice she could.

“We should get out of here,” Fujuju began to usher them back towards his box. The rest of his platoon that was with him had wandered in, and Lee had also started to head towards it, glancing over to Chunini to make sure that the rest of her family was following.

“You too, Jin-ae,” Chunini instructed, still being carried by her daughter. Jin-ae looked about in awe as they entered, holding onto her mother tighter. She set her down on the ground, and took a seat on the floor, cross-legged. Chunini reached over, pulling out from underneath her helmet a pair of pink ribbons.

“I was so worried…” Chunini muttered as she began to fix the girl’s flyaway hair with the ribbons. “Lee and I both were…”

“Am… Am I in trouble?”

“We’ll talk about that later,” Chunini paused her braiding for a moment and patted her daughter on the back. “For now… You’re all right? You promise?”

“I… I did something bad,” she bowed her head down, and Chunini stopped her braiding.

“I understand this is all scary… It’ll be all right,” Chunini paid no mind to the rushing about her. It was when Botan walked through the room, in full Time Bender regalia, and Jin-ae scooted back against Chunini that the Keronian felt that it was a bit more than simple running away.

Botan, too, noted this reaction, and stopped, pulling off her pink crystal mask as she looked down at the now-shaking girl.

Botan knelt down in front of Jin-ae, and the little girl scooted back further into Chunini. The yellow Keronian, in return, climbed over Jin-ae, standing between her and Botan.

“What in the hell did you do to her?” Chunini snapped.

“Nothing,” Botan answered calmly.  “You’ve seen someone like me…. Haven’t you?”

Jin-ae me this with silence, and averted her eyes.

Chunini scoffed, “Where would she have even—”

At this time, Frannie had wandered out, seemingly done with her tour, and took in the sight in the living room with a small tic of the edge of her mouth. “O-Oh. More frogs.”

“Right, more frogs,” Oliver nodded.

“More… Talking frogs…. Hehe, they all talk! Bloody hell…” Frannie’s voice cracked as she gave a weak laugh, and Maggie let out a small sigh and took her sister’s hand as she headed to the kitchen with her.

“Come on, Fran. I’ll get you some tea.”

“Better yet, go to the liquor cabinet!” Oliver shouted out.

“How do you even…. I have a very nice pinot noir in there I would rather you avoided touching!” Fujuju called out as he took a few steps back to see what exactly was going on in his kitchen. And he then focused on Botan—And Jin-ae. Frightened, shaking Jin-ae.

And Chunini. Practically frothing at the mouth Chunini, wedged in-between her daughter and the Time Bender.

“Touch her and you’ll go from endangered to extinct.”

“I… I did…” Jin-ae sniffed.

“E-Eh?... Jin-ae, what are you….?”

“There was a man. He looked just like you. He… He said he’d… He said he’d help me find my parents. I-I’m so sorry, this is before… Before everything! Before I met you, before I met Lee too… I’m so sorry! He… He didn’t get anything though, I promise! I ran away from him before he could get it! I just… Please don’t send me away!”

“Jin-ae….” Chunini stood in front of her daughter, and placed a yellow hand against the child’s face. “Jin-ae, we’d never do that.”

“He helped me get to the concert. To you…. Everything was him. He told me if I could get some files, he would help me. He said you’d be too suspicious and he wouldn’t be able to get past you…”

“You know… I think we may need that pinot…” Mahihi muttered to himself, rubbing his forehead in clear exhaustion. “Using a kid to do his dirty work…. Jeeze, man. It’s like he’s asking me to punch him into the last century.”

Lee knelt down with the rest of her family, and Jin-ae practically collapsed against Lee, “I didn’t know that…. I didn’t know everything.”

“It’s okay….” Chunini reassured her, and brushed away some of Jin-ae’s hair. “I’m a soldier, remember? So I’ll protect you! And Lee will, too. Everything’s going to be okay. And you know… We found them. Your parents? And they want to meet you. So…. Everything has to be okay!”

Chunini met Lee’s eyes to silently ask her if everything would indeed be okay. Lee faltered, and then swallowed—Hard.

“Y-Yes. Of course they will.”

Lee’s voice cracked when she spoke, however.

“Well, next stop I suppose…”  Fujuju couldn’t hide his frown of concern as he picked up the round device in his hand, and he watched as Botan tried—Unsuccessfully—to stand back up. He immediately rushed over to her as she fell back down, tiny next to her, but still determined to help support her as best as he could.

“I can do this…. I’m going to go rest with the children….” Botan murmured as she rose with the help of the couch as support and shuffled into a back bedroom.

“Precisely none of that looks good…” muttered Oliver to Tom, who gave a small nod.

Botan practically collapsed in the rocking chair in the nursery while Fujuju set the coordinates for their next stop. Oriri began to cry, and Botan staggered over to the crib after struggling to rise once more.

“Love, please don’t—” Fujuju felt his heart drop as he watched her arms shake as she supported her weight on the side of the crib. “L-Let me grab him for you, all right?”

She merely nodded and sat back down in her seat, and Fujuju, with the use of a stepladder, climbed into his son’s crib, retrieved him, and set him on Botan’s lap. And he then moved the stepladder over and climbed into the sleeping Eliza’s crib, taking a seat next to her before he resumed his work.

“…I hope for the sake of both of us they at least get a little bit of my height….” he chuckled. “There we are…. Grant Initiative headquarters. That’s where everybody else is, or at least is going to….. Botan, if there was something you needed to tell me, you would, right?”

“I… I would do what’s best for us.”

“That’s not exactly reassuring. You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“I just don’t want you to worry about me…. You’ve worried about enough.”

“If it’s awful enough I’ll go out and have a cigarette to take my mind off it. We’re a team… And a good one. Now what’s going on….?”

Kodada looked up at the message in the sky while one of her legs bounced up and down. She was still barricaded in her room, staring out her window, waiting for her parents to undoubtedly knock on it. But no one came.

Her device that made her look like a normal human girl had stopped totally working hours ago, leaving her in her true form. And leaving her family to find her in her true form.

But no one came, which seemed even worse than them barreling in.

Horokohoro was flipping through the channels on the TV, giving a huff of disgust before turning off the television and rising from his spot on the floor.

“Still worried?” he asked.

“Well… Aren’t you? All of your family’s out there… Keron’s invading. Nothing’s going to be safe. For anyone. I’ve seen this planet at war before… It’s the ugliest thing you could ever witness…. I wonder where Klaus is.”

“Hopefully not sitting around doing nothing….” Horokohoro muttered. “Ugh, this is Hell. How did you do this for years?”

“…What’re you talking about?”

“This is what you’ve done every other time there’s been something like this, right? Stayed away from it?”

“N-Not always, I…. I just…. Wanted a quiet life.”

“What about when that wasn’t possible? What did you do then?”

“I… It never really was a problem.”

“So we’re under invasion, and as a trained Keron soldier you’re going to sit this one out.”

“I’m not just sitting here.”

“Oh, right. You also fainted.”

Kodada’s shoulders fell. She gulped hard, and slid down from her spot in front of the window, “…You’re trying to rile me up on purpose, aren’t you, Birdy?”

“Don’t call me that.”

“It’s what your name translates to, it’s what I’m going to call you,” she chuckled tiredly. “I’ve never really… Been brave enough to do something when there’s a battle. I guess I’ve always been a coward….”

“It’s okay to want a normal life. It’s not okay to sit back and do nothing to keep having a normal life,” replied Horokohoro.

“….We need Klaus.”

“He’s a warrior?”

“No. But… I love him.”

Horokohoro gave a roll of the eyes, and began to dig through her closet. He gave a small sound of victory as he found what he was looking for—His priest’s regalia.

“What’s the plan once we find the love of your life?”

“We’re going to steal a plane and we’re going to protect your family,” Kodada replied, and the surprise was evident on Horokohoro’s face flashed for a brief moment before he slid his mask over his face.

“If I ever intended on having a wife, know that you’d be my first choice.”

Kodada, after climbing up on her nightstand next to the door, was able to open it, and found a darkened hallway.

“…No one’s here?” she whispered as she crept down the stairs with Horokohoro following closely from behind.

The pounding on the door led Kodada to yelp, and Horokohoro gave a startled jump.

The pounding didn’t stop, and it became evident to the pair after a moment that it’d turned into slamming against the door.

Horokohoro rushed past his friend, and headed to the front door.

Kodada didn’t see the door bust open, but heard it. Followed by a growl. Followed by a scream. She knew that scream. Klaus’s scream—The same one from when she and Klaus had once gone to a theme park together, and she’d convinced him to ride a roller coaster.

She hurried down the stairs, not even caring that her device wasn’t working.

What she found was a yellow, bee-like alien with Horokohoro’s weapon pressed against his throat.

“L-Let me go!” Klaus demanded, and Kodada’s eyes flew open.

“K-Klaus?” she asked in a weak voice.

He immediately stopped his fighting, and Kodada and he took a long, long moment of silence to stare at one another.

“…I feel awkward in the midst of this…” Horokohoro finally muttered.

Klaus was the one to finally break out in a laugh. Kodada followed in this, and lunged for him, going to embrace him but only falling over the toppled door with him.

“You look… I mean…. You were cute before, but…. Kody, you’re hot!” Klaus laughed with disbelief.

Horokohoro held back his wrenching and focused on the message up in the sky instead while his arms remain folded.

They’d gone out to the backyard, so that they wouldn’t be seen in case her family did happen to show up. Kodada and Klaus were on the back porch of the darkened yard, while Horokohoro had propped himself up on a fence.



“My name… It’s Kodada.”

“Kodada. I love it!”

“I love hearing you say it…. I… Klaus, I’m sorry. I was a chicken for not…. I mean… I should have told you some years ago.”

“It’s okay, Kod---dada. Kodada. Hehe, that’ll take some getting used to! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner…. Hey, I guess if we’re aliens, we’re not really teenagers, huh? I’m probably still older though.”

“Oh I can almost guarantee you’re not…. Horokohoro’s tribe is in Egypt and needs our protection from whatever is going to happen.”

“How were you going to get there?”

“I’m a pilot.”

“Woah? Really? For like an airline?”

“For… The military?”

“There really is a lot I haven’t learned yet, huh? I guess that’s all right…. I… I know you’re the same Kody, deep down. No more secrets, right?”

“I forgot to feed your goldfish when you were gone for those three days…”

“I thought it was starving! Hey, Kodada…. You and him, you don’t…. I mean, you two… Are you related or…?”

“Birdy and me? He’s not into my type,” she replied with a chuckle. Horokohoro turned his head slightly at the sound of his unwanted nickname, and Klaus gave a weakened wave. Horokohoro snorted and turned his attention back to the message.

“How are we going to do that? All flights have been grounded.”

“I think we can do something….” Kodada jumped at the sound of a warm voice, and looked up at her very human mother. She started to take a few steps in a panic, and her adoptive mother knelt down in front of her. “Kody, stop. It’s perfectly all right. The only thing you’re in trouble for is having a boy in your room. Now let me know what’s going on, please.”

“And…. That’s about all of it….” It was bizarre for Kodada to be speaking to the woman she’d considered a mother like this. With how she looked… With what they were talking about.

Klaus was also across from her in the living room, his jaw hung open, “….I can’t believe I’m dating a girl I read about in history books. I…. I recorded a documentary about all of you!”

“And you knew about all of this? Then why….?” Kodada shook her head in confusion, and her mother gave a small, tired smile.

“Your father…. Your father here….. He was very much into the unknown. Since ever before I met him. So it became a passion project for us. We heard from the Grant Foundation that there was a young alien girl in our area…. They set it up so we happened to bump into each other.”

“I suddenly feel like being a secret fan of “Friends” pales in comparison to any of this….” Horokohoro muttered to himself.

“So…. You…. You knew who I was, and you wanted to help me?”

“Oh, we had no idea what you were like! But…. Getting to know you made us so happy that we took the chance on you.”

“Mama…. I… I need to take a chance now. I need your help. I need a ship, and a powerful one.”

“All right, but don’t go asking for anything for your birthday….” Kodada’s mother gave a smile and stood. “It’s so nice to see you using that potential I knew you had in you all along, Kody.”

“I’m terrified, but…. I know I need to do something here…” she replied with a weak grin.

“All right, well, let’s get you that ship!” her mother exclaimed.

“Wow, and I remember when she wouldn’t let you drive the car!” Klaus whispered as he followed Kodada, flanked at his side by Horokohoro.

“Still looking at the message, Nee-chan?” Fuyuki asked as he took a seat beside his sister. Natsumi only gave a slight nod, and Fuyuki remained staring at the message drawn across the sky with his sister.

“Say, Fuyuki… Was your invasion dream ever like this?”

“No. In my dream, it wasn’t this big… But we also didn’t have anyone to help us. It’s a lot different now. We have so many to help. I feel… I feel like we’re still going to be okay.”

“I hope you’re right….” Natsumi said quietly.

She should have enjoyed the exotic locale with her brother at her side as they sat on the steps of the large building that housed the Grant Initiative.

But they both only felt heavy.
Paradise is Where... Ep 47 Part 2
Episode 47
The Grant Initiative: A Closed Meeting
Part 2

I'm back!!!

That's right-- After several years, I'm back. And I'm gonna finish this, dammit. Because you all deserve that. You've deserved it for a long, long time.

Please pray for my motivation to stick around, guys. I'm super excited to be giving this to you, I want to give you the rest of it. I hope to have it out as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for sticking out with me, guys. :)

Thank you especially Dorukoyufangirl and Rien, for never giving up on me.
From :iconthagirion:

1. What did you do this past year that you have never done before?

Flew in a plane with only one engine and fell down stairs. Also tried macarons and consequently got a love for them. Wrote for some new fandoms, too.

2.  Did you keep your new years resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I'm still kinda bad with saving money. Trying again this year, though!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Yeah, actually! My sister-in-law who lives with me had a baby!

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Not this year, fortunately.

5. What new states or countries did you visit. If not new did you travel for fun?
Funny story, I visited Pennsylvania. I was eating lunch with my friend Commando, he mentioned offhand how close he lived to there, and.... Like an hour, hour and a half later we were there "just because". Yeah. My friends rock.

6. What would you like to have in the new year that you lacked in this past year?
A freaking car. >_<

7. What dates from this year remain etched in your mind and why?
September 22nd? It's when my niece was born. Also December 19th.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
I realized I'm a lot stronger and appreciated than I think I am.

9. What was your biggest failure?
I let my emotions get the better of me too many times. Workin' on that for next year.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Oddly I didn't get injured by that stair fall. I actually landed on my feet! But I got a bad, bad ear infection in the fall. It was to the point where I had to call out of work, because I use headphones so much.

11.  What was the best thing you bought?
A couch! I bought a COUCH. Two-piece sectional. It's lovely.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
My mom and dad were freaking champs this year in terms of dealing with me and supporting me.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled?
I forget. Probably some folks on tumblr.

14.  Where did most of your money go?

15. What did you get really excited about?
So many of my friends visiting this year!!

16. What do you wish you’d done more of?
Relaxed. Just taken time to relax.

17. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Being online aimlessly without any kind of point to it. Just ends up wasting so much time.

18. How did you spend Christmas?
With my family! First time in three years--I didn't know what to do with myself with all of the free time!

19. What was your favorite TV program?
The Blacklist--I don't know why, but I freaking -adore- that show.

20. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
Nah. It's too exhausting, truth be told.

21. Did you read any new books. If so which did you like best?
2014 was the time for graphic novels for me... I did this thing called "book roulette". I'd go on pick up a book on Amazon that I wanted, as well as two books that it recommended to me, whether or not I'd heard of them. I got to read SO many cool books because of it!! I think my favorite had to be "Beautiful Darkness". So beautiful but so messed up. Just so, so messed up.

22.  What was your greatest musical discovery?
Oh gosh... The one hit wonders lists on Wikipedia is amazing to look through. Highly recommended if you're bored.

23.  What did you want and get?
This is so silly and trivial, but a backpack. And I ended up getting one from work as thanks for the hard work I did though the year. It was such a small gesture, but I'd really wanted one for a while, and I'd spent close to two years wanting that backpack in particular. Those things are status symbols lol.

24. What did you want and not get?
A car ^^;

25. Did you see any new movies this year? And if so which did you like best?
I saw a boatload of documentaries. In addition to this saw Guardians of the Galaxy in the theater. Ho-lyyy crap I loved that movie to bits.

26. What did you do on your birthday?
What DID I do this year?... Oh! I spent my actual birthday with my family, but went out with friends, too. I couldn't do too much too far away from home because my niece was actually -due- that day. As a matter of fact, after I got in from bowling with one of my friends from my celebration, I had to go to the hospital because the baby was coming!

27. What is one thing that would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

28. What political issue stirred you the most?
I'd definitely think marriage equality. It recently, FINALLY came to my state, so I'm thinking about becoming a notary to help out with weddings.

29. Did you meet anyone new you became good friends with?
Some new coworkers! :D

30. What video game obsessions did you have this year if any?
None, really? Just kept with the same old Sims 3 obsession I've had for a few years now.

31. What hobbies did you improve, start or work more on this year?
I started making more handmade crafts. :) It keeps me from being on the computer too much. Also worked on writing, and got back into drawing!

32. Which holiday did you enjoy most this year?
Christmas was pretty nice. Mainly because I got to be home with people I love.

33. If there's something not by covered by the questions you would like to add about this past year you may do so here.  Happy New Year

Bring on the next one! :D

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